Life Management Institute (LMI) - "Keeping Families Together"
Life Skills Training
LMI is dedicated to advancing the art and skills of life management.  LMI is a center of innovation seeking to produce breakthrough ideas for achieving revolutionary progress in life management. LMI strives to add rigor, precision, and greater predictability to all aspects of your life decision making. LMI staff are deployed on tasks requiring analytical or technical ingenuity. In addition, it pursues work in three areas: (1) innovation and invention, (2) thought leadership, and (3) outreach. Through our independent research and development program, LMI explores bold new models, methods, and practices for advancing life management. Through articles, reports, and presentations at symposiums and conferences, LMI aims to shape thinking regarding emerging and perennial life management issues. Finally, through our outreach efforts, largely represented by our Executive/Founder, LMI brings together top leaders and thinkers from government, academia, and industry to address the most pressing challenges facing peoples lives. 
The "IMAGE" you project to others
is the "IMAGE"
they will Perceive of "YOU"
Overcoming...its not what you go through but rather how you go through it that determines how you come out of it
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